The GILBERT HERITAGE EXPERIENCE publication highlights the best of the Gilbert Heritage District with a design that challenges the status quo among publishers that often produce generic looking publications that look the same from coast to coast. We refer to ourselves as the “Artists of Print and Publication.”

In addition to the artistic nature of the Gilbert publication, we also include the best of today’s technology to allow readers to better interact with our advertising clients. We do this with the use of QR codes so that consumers can easier get to the website of any business that appeals to them without the hassle of trying to type a long URL. We also put the publication in a convenient flipbook format with direct touch links to the advertiser’s website for additional convenience. These flipbooks work well on both computers and mobile devices.

We move fast. The GH EXPERIENCE is being developed right now and we will have a soft launch by November 1st with deadlines to have the layout completed in early October. Let us know if you have any ideas for content and area needs. You can also see some of our pages in draft form below. Thank you for checking it out.

The key to the success of our publications is the distribution. We really work hard to get the publications into the hands of likely customers to the area. This includes distribution within the area but more importantly to nearby areas that will inform people of what the area has to offer so that it brings in new customers. We know that once you get someone here, they will come back often.

For advertising information, please see our advertising page.