Petersen’s Ice Cream

Petersen’s Ice Cream & Cafe – Gilbert Heritage District – Arizona

Operating a business for more than 100 years is no easy task but the Petersen family has proven that the best way to reach such a milestone is to do it with a quality product and with family. When your product is premium ice cream, people can tell the difference right away between an average ice cream and Petersen’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream. By using the best ingredients, you get the best flavor and consistency. Although some flavors have been added over the years, the same base recipe of the proper amount of butterfat is still used today.

Gilbert is honored to be just the second location in the entire country to have a Petersen Family operated shop. Although the Chicago area family business also supplies a large number of independently owned ice cream shops in the Midwest, they knew they had to be part of the Gilbert Historic District as they saw the commitment of the town to revitalize an area nearly the same age as their ice cream company. It has been a great fit for both as the area has become such a popular destination for both locals and Arizona visitors. It is easy to see how both the town and the Petersen family have both prospered in the past century.