Level One Arcade Bar

Long before video games were readily available on your phone, tablet or home gaming system, many of us had to travel to an arcade with a pocket full of quarters to experience the beginning of a gaming revolution that is now in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

While most Arcades are now long gone, many of us can now enjoy the nostalgia of reliving our youth with these colorful and loud machines. Level 1 Arcade Bar provides dozens of options for both Pinball machines and the original arcade video games such as Centipede and Pac-Man. It should be mentioned that Level One is not like the old dark creep arcades of the past, it is actually well lit and bright with a much more modern approach to entertainment. 

Although family friendly during the day, you have to be 21 and over after 7pm so no worries about some juvenile showing you up during an evening of Galaxian while sipping a cold one with some buddies. You can also enjoy some of their famous “Bytes” to keep your hunger under control.

A great deal of thought also goes into the “Awesome Bytes” or food options. Each item is designed to be able to easily eat within the arcade environment. Partner, Scott Goldsmith, said, “The food is really good with high quality ingredients. Although we don’t offer sit down service like a restaurant, people really like the food and it flavor.”

Level One also believes in keeping it local with an emphasis on Arizona brewed beverages. They offer nearly 20 options for beer and cider made from local craft brewers. They not only feature craft beer but also several cider flavors from Cider Corps of nearby Mesa. The popularity of these beverages has been quickly growing with the creative flavors and numerous selections available.

Level One Arcade Bar